This glossary will build as posts go up on the blog to serve as a repository for the definition of key terms that will get discussed repeatedly, as well as links to useful outside resources.

Key Terms

Clean Power Plan— signature energy and environmental plan of the Obama administration first proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency  in 2014 aimed at reducing carbon emissions of the power generation sector by 32% by 2030, but rolled back by the Trump Administration in 2017 (see: President Obama’s Energy and Environmental Legacy, Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units; Final RuleExecutive Order on Energy Independence)

Code of Federal Regulations— the collection of codified rules and regulations from executive departments and agencies of the federal government, the rules within carry the authority and weight of law (see: Policy Rulemaking Process for Dummies)

Energy Information Administration— The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is an independent arm the Department of Energy (DOE) that is tasked with surveying, analyzing, and disseminating all forms of data regarding energy in the United States. Further, EIA is a politically isolated wing of the DOE– meaning it is there to provide independent and factual data and analysis, completely independent from the partisan decision makers in Washington or the political inclinations of those in charge of at the top of DOE. (see: Navigating the Vast EIA Data Sets)

Federal Register— the official daily journal of the federal government containing notices, preliminary steps in the rulemaking process, and final rules and regulations (see: Policy Rulemaking Process for Dummies)

Regulation— the permanent and enforceable rules made through the rulemaking process by agencies and departments in the Executive Branch of the federal government with authority granted by Congress(see: Policy Rulemaking Process for Dummies)

Rulemaking–the process used by federal agencies to create regulations, through several stages of information gathering, analysis, public notice, stakeholder comment and feedback, and revision before ultimately issuing a Final Rule to become official regulation in the Code of Federal Regulations (see: Policy Rulemaking Process for Dummies, Federal Register Notice: Costs and Benefits of Net Energy Metering: Request for Information)


Annual Energy Outlook 

Code of Federal Regulations 

Federal Register

 International Energy Outlook 

Monthly Energy Review 

Short-Term Energy Outlook