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Insights and Advice

Playing Politics with Energy Security: How the Latest Congressional Budget Deal Raids the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Technology Highlights

Technology Highlight– Microgrids

Development in Energy Policy

Drilling in the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Reserve vs. Renewable Energy: The Drilling Debate, Economic and Environmental Effects, and How Solar and Wind Energy Investment Would Compare

Checking in on the Federal Register

Proposed Changes to Energy Conservation Standards Program for Appliances

DOE in Focus

DOE Spotlight: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Profile of Organizations in Energy

The altE Store: Providing Solar Powered Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico

History Lessons

Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts (PADDs): Past and Present

Data Corner

Federal Government Shutdown: Analyzing Electricity Demand When Government Workers Get Furloughed in Washington DC

Book Reviews

The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World

Product Reviews

Taking Control of Your Household Energy Mix: Renewable Energy with Clean Choice Energy

Fun Off-Topic

Never Tell Me the Watts! Energy and Power Use in the Star Wars Universe